Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party - My Baby Turns FIVE!!!

Hi friends! 

It's been way too long since I've visited my blog - so I am just going to jump right in and share some pictures from Carter's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party.  I have no idea how this little boy has just turned FIVE - but he did and we celebrated in true "AWESOME, DUDE" TMNT style!

We had the party at my favorite gymnastics place - I love it because they let me decorate but they do all of the entertaining of small children =)   Carter loves it, especially the trampoline!  Here are some pics of our setup.  Everything was easy and handmade by me as much as possible.

I made the backdrop using a cardboard three sided board from Hobby Lobby.  Carter requested the night time city skyline.  I am no artist, but he loved it!  The TMNT lantern faces were a Pinterest find.  Easy and so cute!

Fry containers purchased at Hobby Lobby were embellished with some table scatter that came with the centerpieces.  (We glued them on backwards - oops!)  We filled them with Cheez Its and pretzels - Carter's two favorite snacks.

Centerpieces were store bought and embellished a little bit to give them height.  I chose some coordinating scrapbook paper to go underneath.  Plastic tablecloths made for an easy cleanup.  I used silver plates to look like "sewer covers" - if you are not a boy mom, you are probably confused and horrified by that last statement - haha!!!!

 Pizza cookies (idea again came from Pinterest) were SO easy and fun to make.  I took store bought sugar cookies, added red frosting, and shaved white chocolate with a cheese grater to create the "cheese!"  M&Ms served as our pizza toppings.

My dad ordered this cool poster and had it mounted on foam board for me.  It was "totally awesome, dude!"  You can see our pizza box favors in this picture as well.

 Blurry pic of the birthday boy, jumping on his beloved trampoline =)

Adorable shirt from - it was very good quality and I highly recommend this seller!

Carter told me exactly how he wanted this cake.  We purchased the topper from our local grocery store bakery and had the cake made at another local bakery.

Ninja parents!  My shirt from - Tricia is AWESOME to work with and whipped this right up for me at the last minute.  It says, "Ninja Mom."

You know Carter is having a good time when he is this hot and sweaty =)

Carter with one of his sissies =)  I got zero pictures with his other siblings =(

Turtle Power!!!! (Masks from Wal Mart)

We had a great day celebrating our little (big) man!  Thanks for letting me share some of our day! Tomorrow I will share details of our party favors.  They were easy, cheap and a big hit with all of the little ninjas!
Edited to add:  I was SO flattered to receive an award from - it's called the "Best Birthday" award!  I am always so thankful when people look at my party posts =)


Unknown said...

Hi! Super cute party! Where did you get the favor pizza boxes?

Unknown said...

Did you just ask Papa Johns for the boxes? I was thinking of doing that, was interested to see how it went for you!

Also, what did you put in the favors?

Awesome Party!

Unknown said...

Ninja parents! My shirt from - Tricia is AWESOME to work with and whipped this right up for me at the ...

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