Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ninja Turtle Party Favors

Two posts in two days - WOW!!!

In my previous post, I promised to share pictures of the party favors from Carter's TMNT party.  I was at the playground with my kids the other day and I heard moms complaining about party favors.  They were saying how much they hated dealing with them and they were such a waste of time and money.  I must be weird, but I LOVE party favors.  More specifically, I love planning them and picking them out for all of my kids' friends.  I think the favors are such a nice little touch because it takes so much time, money and effort for parents to bring their kids to a party.  I want my children to have giving hearts, and I think favors are a great way to make someone's day a little brighter.  So, I will always do some sort of favors, no matter what other moms may think =)

Anyway - since the Ninja Turtles LOVE pizza, I thought pizza boxes would be the perfect container to put our favors in.  My local Papa John's gave me the pizza boxes for free!  I did different favors for the boys and the girls.

The boys:

I purchased ninja weapons after Halloween from Wal Mart for $.49 a pair.  What a deal!  It pays to pick our your theme way in advance!  The rest of the favors included Ninja gummies (grocery store), gummy pizzas (ordered online), "mutant animals" (those little animal capsule things that you put in water and they grow - I bought mine at Michael's but they have them lots of places including my local grocery store), TMNT bracelets (Party City), TMNT tattoos and homemade "Mutagen Ooze."  My mom and Carter made this together using this recipe:

The girls:

The girls also got "ooze," gummies, mutant animals and pizzas - but they had necklaces from the Dollar Spot at Target as well as a turtle hair clip that I made.  Did you know that I have a hair bow business? =)

We had the pizza boxes displayed right when everyone walked in.  They were cute, cheap and easy!!!

If you missed my post with full party details, check it out here.  Thanks for looking!

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