Monday, July 26, 2010

Pajama Party Invitations {Birthday Party Project #3}

For Emily's pajama-themed party, I wanted to make some unique invitations.  I searched all over for cute ideas, but came up with nothing.  Finally, I ran across Melissa's slumber party invitations, and I was inspired!  I did mine a little differently (because I am NOT the seamstress Melissa is!).  I wanted to incorporate bunnies, because Emily sleeps with a bunny every night (Bunny is really a part of our family - you will see more of Bunny in a future post!), so here's what I came up with:

Party details are inside:

Here they are all packaged up, and ready to be delivered!

Our invitations got rave reviews!  I thought they were really sweet, and most importantly, Emily LOVED them!  I'm working on getting a full party post ready - there are so many pictures to go through, but I can't wait to share!!!

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Jessica said...

Now THAT's a party invitation!!! Love how sweet these are! You did a fabulous job! Can't wait to see pics from Miss Emily's party! :)

Shannon said...

Those are adorable!!! Very creative!

Kendra@My Insanity said...

So cute! That's just the kind of invitation I'm talking about! Were they a ton of work? I love how you have to lift up the sheet to see the party info!

dance with me said...

so cute! where did you find the bunny stickers for the front?

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