Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Big Boy Haircut for Carter

Recently, Carter's hair had gotten really long.  He had the CUTEST curls!  They were so silky and sweet and I loved them.  However, his hair was starting to look a little "shaggy" and I couldn't decide whether to get his hair cut or not.  This is my FAVORITE shot of him with his curls!


After one too many well-meaning people at the grocery store complimented me on my "beautiful little girl," I decided something must be done about the long hair.  {Side note rant:  if my baby is wearing a BLUE shirt with a robot or a car on it, he is NOT a girl!!!}

Here is the before:


Side note - how cute is his face???

And after!

Afterwards, Carter got a special treat - a visit to the bookstore!  He loves books.

As much as I hated cutting his hair, I have to admit that I LOVE it now.  He does look much more grown up, but he looks so handsome.  We ended up going back and getting cut a little bit shorter a few days later, as it looked sort of "puffy" once it dried.  Here he is after the second cut - so handsome!!!

I have one of his sweet curls saved (after giving one to each grandma!) and I will always remember how silky and soft his hair was as a baby.  Even though he looks more like a big boy every day, he will always, always be my baby boy.

PS - In the background of these pictures is a preview of a big project we've been working on around here!  The big reveal coming soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's All About DANCE!!!

At least in our house the past month or so, it's been ALL about dance!  First we had Lindsey's tryouts for performing company.  I have had a few people email me to ask me how Lindsey's dance tryouts went.  Well, she did it again! She made the top level performing company at her dance school. I am SO proud, and Lindsey is over the moon excited! We are going to be VERY busy next year, but we can't wait!

We are also celebrating with Emily!  She was asked to be in Mini Spotlight again, which is a big honor.  They identify girls who show potential in dance through their technique, grace, flexibility and positive attitude.  She is a natural peformer, and SO sweet on stage!  Needless to say, we have had some CELEBRATING to do around here!


When I say it's been all about dance, I'm not kidding!  In the last few weeks, we have had our final competition, Lindsey's Company Concert (like a recital, but only for the Performing Company), her Company banquet, dance pictures, dance recital rehearsal, and finally the recital.  Whew!  I am worn out!  The funny thing is that the morning after the recital, the first thing Lindsey said to me was, "When does dance start again?"  The girl LOVES to dance!

Here are a few pictures of our past few weeks of dance.  I love seeing my girls dressed up, and I LOVE watching them on stage.  I cried several times during their recitals.  My heart is so full watching them up there, trying their hardest and with the biggest smiles on their sweet faces.

Lindsey before heading out to her Company banquet.  She looks SO grown up here!  Sob!

Emily in her jazz and ballet costumes.  I will never forget how cute she was on stage this year!

Lindsey's tap costume and ballet costume - both so pretty!

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