Monday, December 8, 2008

Been creating today =)

I have been so lazy with this pregnancy, and haven't made many bows lately. My bow group did a Valentine's Day launch, and I finally made some bows for it. I think they turned out really cute - be sure to check them out on ebay!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight Turtle Giveaway =)

I've had my eye on these cute Twilight Turtles for a long time, and now that we have a new baby boy on the way I've decided that we really do "need" one! I showed these to my mom the other day in a little shop we were in, but passed it up because, well, we don't even have a crib, stroller, or other basics for this baby yet. However - today (thanks to my good friend Angie's blog ) I ran across this giveaway on Seven Dogs and a Baby - they are giving away a Twilight Sea Turtle to one of their lucky blog readers! It projects stars onto the walls/ceiling and is supposed to help baby sleep. Goodness knows I'm hoping for a good sleeper, but based on the other two beauties I brought into this world, we will be looking for some help in that department. I entered to win (pleasepleaseplease let me win!) - and if you have a child with sleep issues, you should enter too!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

25.5 Week Appointment

I had my 25.5 week appointment today, and took the dreaded glucose test. Good news - I passed!!!! The only other news from today was that my iron is very low (I'm a vegetarian, so no big surprise there) and that my delivery date via c-section will be 7-10 days before my due date. This will put me around March 3rd for a delivery date. I can't wait to get it scheduled and start counting down!!! I'm getting so excited to meet my little man!

I go back every three weeks now, so my next appointment is the week of Christmas. My little guy is starting to kick and move all.the.time now - and I just love it! I'm so thankful for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. I just feel very lucky today.
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