Thursday, August 9, 2012

A new look for Lulu and Junebug!

Hi all!  And when I say all, I mean the one or two people who are still reading this poor neglected blog.  I have been away awhile doing all sorts of fun (and some not so fun) things, which I will blog about soon.  But first, I had to talk about my new look!  I have been working with the amazingly talented Jennisa at Once Upon a Blog, and she has revamped not only my blog, but all of my Lulu and Junebug business cards, hair accessory cards, Etsy banner, and my logo.  I am working on opening my Etsy store in the very near future and I am so excited!

Here is the link to Jennisa, if you are in need of a blog makeover.  I VERY highly recommend her!!!

I will be back soon to share some of what has been going on around here lately.  I can't believe that we've had two parties that I haven't blogged about yet!  Lots of fun things to talk about!!!

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