Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinterest Love for Carter's Mickey Mouse Party

I know it's been a LONG time since I've blogged.  Once again life has gotten crazy (I won't bore anyone with too many details!) but I really want to start blogging more.  I just need to make the time for it!

I wanted to share today how AMAZED I am that Carter's second Mickey Mouse birthday party has gotten so much attention.  It has been pinned so much on Pinterest - I honestly can't believe it.  I get at least five or six emails a week asking me questions about how I did various things for the party decor.  When I go to my stats on my blog, though, I get the most hits to my party from Tip Junkie.  I went over there today and was SHOCKED to see that our little birthday party is featured as one of the top popular parties - of all time!  On Tip Junkie of all places!!!!

I am truly humbled that so many people are interested in my party.  Honestly, planning that party was one of the hardest things I've ever done, because I had just had a miscarriage a month and a half earlier and I really don't remember a lot of what happened during those first awful months.  I thought about not having a real party, but then I somehow pulled myself up by my bootstraps and got everything together in a matter of days.  The project I get the most emails about is my Mickey topiary - you can go see that here.  Next, I would say that the most popular item is the M&M cello bags - I shared where I bought those bags here.  Finally, I also get a lot of questions about how I made the Mickey wreath - you can go here to check that out and get a link to a great tutorial.  So - if you are one of the people who have pinned the party, clicked on my blog, emailed me with nice things to say, or commented - THANK YOU!!!!  It truly makes my day to know that others would be interested in the silly stuff I do around here sometimes =)

Carter wants a Thomas party next - it's coming up soon, so I've started pinning a bunch of stuff to get some ideas.  If you have any great links for me for train parties, please send them my way!
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