Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chasing dreams {and being a proud Mom}

{beautiful photo courtesy of my brother's super talented girlfriend, Skylar Reeves}

I am often afraid to try things, for fear that I won't do well at them. Case in point - my sewing machine, which is still in the box from my birthday in December. I often let my fear of failure stop me from doing what I want to do. I could learn alot from my older daughter Lindsey. Lindsey is not afraid to chase her dreams. Two years ago, she decided that she wanted to try out for the performing company at her dance studio.  When she told me that, my heart sank.  She had never been asked to be in any of the special groups there (they often identify girls that they see as having potential, and ask them to be in the company) and I was worried that she would not be selected.  I didn't want other people to judge my "baby" - she was only 9!  I didn't want her to devastated if she didn't make it.  I put on a brave face, and was encouraging to her, but inside I was a nervous wreck for the entire week of tryouts.  I practiced what I would say to her if she didn't make it - "there's always next year," or "you tried your best."  And try her best she did - she practiced again and again, staying out in the garage for hours at a time.  I was amazed at her dedication.  The day the results were posted, I was almost literally physically ill from worry.  Lindsey was at school that day, so it was just me checking the website.  When the results finally went up, I saw her number!  Number 11, I will never forget it.  She had made the company she tried out for.  I have never seen her so happy, and I have never been so proud.

This year, tryouts are coming up again, and Lindsey has decided to try out for the top level performing company.  This is a big step up from where she is now, and those nagging worries have started for me again.  Lindsey, however, is showing her strength and confidence once again.  She has set her mind to do this, and I know that even if she doesn't make it, she will be proud knowing that she wasn't afraid to try.

I am so lucky to have this little girl as my daughter.  I thought I was supposed to be the one teaching her about life, but it turns out she's taught me more than I could ever imagine.

I love you, Lindsey!!!  You are my shining star, and make me a better person every day.


PS -

Dear Hubby:

I simply "need" this for Mother's Day!  I am entering in a giveaway to win it over at Traci's blog, Beneath My Heart, but if I don't you go! 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chenille Chicks - Oh How I Love You!

Editing to say:  I am sharing this project at Kellie's "Spring Fling"  - even though we did this last year, I didn't share at any link parties, so I thought I'd share now =)

I have an unnatural love for Easter chenille chicks.  They are so vintage-looking and so cute!  The Easter Bunny often leaves them in my kids' baskets, but this year I bought some for myself for a little project.  I have to say first - if you have not seen this post over at All the Small Things, you have GOT to see this, save it for next year and make the cutest little Easter gifts of all time!  Gillian is SO talented!!!

Inspired by her tutorials, I decided to make a little gift for my girls.  I couldn't find any blue chicks for Carter, so I will find them before next year and make him one.  These were super easy and fun fun fun!

I took two mason jars, some chicks, some ribbon from my obscene perfectly reasonable sized ribbon collection, and some hot glue and came up with these.

I even attached little flowers and bows in their "hair" - couldn't stop myself!  So cute! 

I added letter tags to each of them, and filled them with each girl's favorite treats - regular M&Ms for Emily, and Peanut Butter M&Ms for Lindsey.  They loved them!  I plan on bringing them out each year to put little treats or small gifts in.  Next year, I will have one for Carter - if you see any blue chenille chicks out there, let me know!

Thanks for letting me share =)
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Friday, April 2, 2010

My favorite Easter decoration

I love to decorate for Easter (or for any holiday, really), and each year I get (or make) a few more decorations to add to my collection.  My hubby calls it my "ever-changing seasonal display" and he calls himself my "stage hand" - ha!!!

This year, I got a new favorite decoration.  It's here in this little display, can  you guess what it is?

No, it's not the cute bunny holding the flowers, nor the sweet milk-glass vase holding carnations from my husband.  It's not the little vintage ceramic chick or bunny, either. 

See this?

Would you be surprised if I told you this was my favorite decoration?  Not if you look inside:

My favorite decoration this year is the little plastic egg, stuffed with tissue and colored with green marker, with a little love note tucked inside, brought home by a proud and excited little six year old girl who is still not too old to make her Mommy presents at school.  Love.this.girl.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny Bunnies

Tonight we had some fun making these cute bunnies as treats for friends.  I thought we were making them for my girls' classes, but I would have needed ALOT more bags of the melting chocolate.  I found the directions for making them over at Kate's beautiful blog here. I took her advice and used pastel candy corns for ears rather than drawing them on. Of course I used pre-made Rice Krispie treats - anything to make life a little easier.  We started these things way too late - right after dinner - and my hubby wasn't home to occupy the little man, so things got a little hectic - but we had alot of fun!

We made quite a mess!

Here they are during the process:

(And yes, I realize I am only taking pics of bunny pops at this point, while leaving my children out!  I couldn't help it, the bunny pops were too cute!)

And here they are, packaged up and ready to give to friends and teachers - SOOO cute!!!

You may notice that a few ears fell off, because some little people were not listening when Mom told them to put alot of icing on the candy corns before they attached them - but, I put aside my perfectionist ways and let them have fun, so the results were not picture perfect =)

And THIS is what happened after my helpers decided to abandon the project and play an injury-inducing rousing game of "crawling chase."  Carter LOVES these sisters!  I adore the look he's giving Emily. 

{And yes, I do realize that Carter is naked and Emily is wearing a Christmas fleece gown.  She was cold but it was really warm inside!}

Hope you enjoyed!
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