Monday, December 20, 2010

A Tree for ME!

Every year since I've been married, we've only had one tree.  It's our family tree, and it's full of sentimental ornaments.  There is no theme or real color scheme, which has always been fine with me.  I love all the ornaments made with little hands for me, as well as the special ornaments for each child that I've collected over the years.  However, I've always longed for a tree that was just for me, with pretty colors and matching ornaments.

Last year, after Christmas, I was rummaging around Target and it was about the time all of their Christmas items were being marked down to 90% off.  I was so surprised at how much they had left!  There were a bunch of ornaments left in some gorgeous colors - pink, aqua, lime green, red, and orange.  They all looked very vintage-y to me, and I just had to have them as a plan was brewing in my mind.  I went to several Targets over the following weeks, and got all kinds of cute things for MY tree!  I even got a tree skirt for around $5 - score!

Fast forward to this year - as I was opening my boxes, it was like an early Christmas present for me!  I had forgotten what all I had bought last year - it was so much fun digging into those boxes!!!

So now,  I present - a tree for ME!  I have to say that I love it and it makes me smile every time I see it.  It is in our newly painted office (more on that later!) and it's so sparkly and shiny!

Why yes, that is an empty frame ornament, smack dab in the middle of the tree, for you detail-oriented people out there =)  Oops!

A few details...

This ornament is so special to me - it was on my grandfather's tree when he was a little boy.  I love it so much.

Red, aqua, and pink - my faves!

This is an ornament from my childhood tree.

Aqua + polkadots = love

Another sentimental one - this Santa was on my mom's tree when she was a little girl.  I love old ornaments, especially when they belonged to someone in my family.

And here's another shot, from the dining room across the entrance hall.

I hate to take "my" tree down - I wonder if my neighbors will think I'm crazy if I leave it up for a few more weeks months???

Thanks for letting me share!

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