Saturday, December 11, 2010

Elf Party

I know many of you have heard of the Christmas tradition of having elves come to your house, such as The Elf on the Shelf, or the Magic Elves.  Around our house, we have accumulated a whole menagerie of elves over the years.  Our family just LOVES elves, and I think Santa knows that, which is why he has sent us so many!  We decided this year to invite a couple of friends over for an elf party.  This is the fastest party I've ever put together, as we decided to have it the morning of the party!  Here are a few pics to share.

Emily made the sign to welcome our friends and their elves =)

Our elves, waiting for the party to start!

Quick tablescape, thrown together with stuff we already had.

Elves are VERY mischevious!  You have to watch them every second (kind of like 21 month old boys - ha!).

This candy cane holder is very sentimental to me - my sweet grandmother Nanny made it for me.  I think of her every year when I take it out for Christmas.

These ADORABLE little elf pant favor bags were purchased last year from a catalog - I can't remember which one =(

Cute little elf craft "we" made (my BFF and I pretty much made them for the kids - they were SO hard and required hot glue).

A group shot - the girls and their elves!

Someone having his first taste of M&Ms - yum!

My three little elves!  They fill my life with so much joy!

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