Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas at Our House

Wow - this month has FLOWN by!  I have missed so many good blogging opportunities.  I can't believe how busy I've been!

I just want to preserve some of the images of Christmas around our house - so that's what this post is, a bunch of pictures of some Christmas decor in our home.  Thank you for looking!

Entry Way:

Looking into the office at my tree:

Dining Room:

 Family Room:

These are just a few of the images I have captured this Christmas season at our home.  I know I am no professional decorator, but I hope that I've made some sweet memories for my family by sprucing up our house for the holidays.  I know my kids won't remember how the garland on the staircase was totally skimpy and tacky, or how I wish I'd had more mesh for our family room tree, or the fact that I could never quite figure out what I wanted to put in the middle of our kitchen table - they'll just remember that their mom wanted to make Christmas a little more fun and magical for them.  I hope they always know how much I love making them happy.

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