Saturday, April 18, 2009

Character Stamp

At Emily’s school the other day, a comic book artist came to speak to them. She’s been very interested in superheroes ever since. As I was nursing Carter yesterday, Emily and I had this conversation:

E: Mommy, guess what?
H: What?
E: Did you know that every superhero has a character stamp?
H: Hmmm…really?
E: Yes – it’s something that you have so that everyone knows it’s you.
H: Oh, like what?
E: Yes, like Batman has the bat ears on top. Superman has his cape.
H: Yes, you’re right.
E: Mine is my blue eyes. Carter’s is that scratch on his nose.
H: Oh, interesting! What would mine be?
E: Yours would be that dark brown stripe in the middle of your hair.

Ummm…guess it’s time for a hair appointment.

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