Friday, June 17, 2011

Carter Lately

I have been so remiss in documenting all the things I want to document on my blog.  Time is passing by SO quickly these days - it seems that every time I turn around, one of my kids is having another birthday.  I love watching them grow, but it hurts to see them getting so big so fast =(

I am making myself sit down and type up this list of things that Carter is up to these days.  He is absolutely the cutest, sweetest, most loving little boy that God ever made!!!  I am in Heaven being his Mama.

Here he is at 27 months old - pure deliciousness!!!

  • Carter weighs about 36 pounds.  He is one solid little boy, and so healthy!  Praise God for that!
  • He eats the same thing for breakfast just about every day - blueberry waffles.  He doesn't like to deviate from that too much.  After he eats the first one, he almost always says, "Anudder 'awful' Mama!"
  • His favorite foods are:  grapes, strawberries, green beans, fried okra (a true Southern boy!), corn, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac and cheese, spaghetti, pizza, and cheese.  He is quite the picky eater, even though he is a good eater at times.  He won't touch any kind of meat other than chicken nuggets.
  • Right now he is OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine.  We have a train table, and tons of the engines, and he plays with them all day long.  He also wants to watch Thomas on TV, on the "hi-pad" (Ipad), on my phone and in the car.  The girls are so sick of watching Thomas this summer, but we can't get him to watch anything else.  He has lots of Thomas books, and he always chooses those first - his favorite is, "Thomas and the Big Big Bridge."  He wants to wear his Thomas PJ's and his Thomas shirt every day as well.  I don't remember the girls being totally obsessed with anything like Carter is.  He knows every engine's name (and if you are a boy mom, you know there are a million of them!).  I can't help buying him new engines when he asks for them. 
  • Speaking of Thomas, he "quizzes" us on the engine names - it is so funny!  He will hold up Percy and say, "Is this Thomas?" or he will hold up James and say, "Is this Diesel?" with this mischevious look in his eye.  He is trying to catch us not knowing our engines, but this Mama knows them all (well, almost all).  I have to keep up with the little man, and I can't let him down by not knowing an engine name - what kind of boy mom would I be?
  • He is SUCH a good little boy.  He plays alone very well, and he rarely cries unless he is really tired.  He loves to "help" and he is so polite, even at such a young age.  I am so proud of him.
  • He is a great sleeper!  He goes to bed around 8:30 (even though he sometimes talks for up to an hour in there, but never cries or calls us to get him) and he has started sleeping until around 8:30am this summer - yay, Carter!!!  He also takes a great nap from 3:00 until 5:00 or 6:00.  I couldn't ask for a better sleeper.

  • He loves his family more than anything.  He will give everyone the most sincere, heartfelt greeting when they come in the room.  He gives hugs and kisses freely.  If someone is crying, he will ask, "You ok?" and pat them.  The other night I was leaving the house and he said, "Be careful, Mama."  He is always looking for his sisters and brothers, and asking where they are.  When his Daddy comes home from work, Carter gets so excited!  He also loves his grandparents and asks for them every day.

  • Carter loves sports, especially golf.  He has a little set of golf clubs and plays with them often.  He also loves to watch sports and will sit with his dad and brothers and watch any sport with them.  He is such a boy!
  • Carter has a little thing he does when he gets scared.  He puts his hands over his eyes, but really more toward the side of his head, so he can still see.  He says, "Scawy!" and runs toward me.  I finally figured out that he is scared of Cookie Monster!  I have no idea why - he has never really been interested in Sesame Street, but he does know the characters.  I felt so bad when I finally figured that out.  Sometimes he will say, "Cookie comin'?" and get this worried look.  Poor baby.

  • Carter has a VERY extensive vocabulary.  I am constantly laughing about all the crazy stuff he says!  He can't say "L" very well, so he says, "I yove you!"  SO sweet.  He can't say "R" very well, either, so he says, "Wight dere" for "Right there."  He copies everything we say, and remembers things so well.  I think he is really smart, and I can say that after having four older kids to compare him to!  He has a great memory for things, and remembers things even months later.
  • Speaking of funny things he says, of course I am drawing a blank on most of the things he has said recently now that I have time to write them down (typical), but one comes to mind.  The other morning, we were sitting on the floor in his room, and I was wearing my robe.  The belt from my robe was sort of on the floor, and Carter looked at me with the most concerned face.  He said, "Mama, you have a tail?"  Haha!  I told him no, that I didn't have a tail, and he, very relieved, said, "Oh GOOD!"
  • Needless to say, we are all just in love with this little man.  He is so much fun, and makes every day an adventure.  I absolutely LOVE having a little boy!  Thank you God for this gift!

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Jessica said...

He's such a cutie, Heather!! Loved reading all his Carter-isms :) - little boys give the sweetest hugs & cuddles!!! Love that!

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