Thursday, April 1, 2010

Funny Bunnies

Tonight we had some fun making these cute bunnies as treats for friends.  I thought we were making them for my girls' classes, but I would have needed ALOT more bags of the melting chocolate.  I found the directions for making them over at Kate's beautiful blog here. I took her advice and used pastel candy corns for ears rather than drawing them on. Of course I used pre-made Rice Krispie treats - anything to make life a little easier.  We started these things way too late - right after dinner - and my hubby wasn't home to occupy the little man, so things got a little hectic - but we had alot of fun!

We made quite a mess!

Here they are during the process:

(And yes, I realize I am only taking pics of bunny pops at this point, while leaving my children out!  I couldn't help it, the bunny pops were too cute!)

And here they are, packaged up and ready to give to friends and teachers - SOOO cute!!!

You may notice that a few ears fell off, because some little people were not listening when Mom told them to put alot of icing on the candy corns before they attached them - but, I put aside my perfectionist ways and let them have fun, so the results were not picture perfect =)

And THIS is what happened after my helpers decided to abandon the project and play an injury-inducing rousing game of "crawling chase."  Carter LOVES these sisters!  I adore the look he's giving Emily. 

{And yes, I do realize that Carter is naked and Emily is wearing a Christmas fleece gown.  She was cold but it was really warm inside!}

Hope you enjoyed!


Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

They turned out so cute. I really like them better using the candy corn. I just hate aftethoughts!

Jessica said...

LOVE these...especially the vanilla ones!!! Will definitely add these to my list for next year! And how cute is Carter in that last pic????!!!!! Love his belly :)

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