Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes (a cute way to wrap a gift!)

***EDITED***These were featured on One Pretty Thing's Halloween roundup on September 22!  So exciting!!!!

I have had these weird little white plastic containers for a long time - years maybe - and I never knew what to do with them.  I bought them on clearance at Michael's because I thought they looked like cupcake liners (and goodness knows I love anything cupcake-related).  Well, I finally figured out something to do with them.  Every year I get the girls (and now Carter!) a Halloween tshirt of some kind.  It used to be a cute custom boutique shirt, but budgets and girls getting older have changed that, so this year the shirts came from Target.  I also got them some Halloween socks and panties.  I wanted to wrap them up really cute, and then I remembered the little plastic containers.  I rolled everything together, messed around with them for a little bit, and came up with this:

Lindsey's - outer layer is a tshirt, inner layers are socks (all from Target).  Candy corn and flower came from my hairbow-making stash =)

Emily's - outer layer is a tshirt, middle layer is a pair of Halloween undies from Gymboree, top layer is a pair of socks from Target's dollar spot.

Here they are waiting for the girls to find them, along with Carter's little bucket of treats:

Real life confession (gotta keep it real here!):  Emily was SUPER jealous of Carter's bucket (from the Target dollar spot) and barely paid the cupcake any attention (she later "negotiated" with Carter and ended up taking the bucket into her room to use as a decoration).  Oh well - I LOVE these and think they are too cute!  I'm now thinking that I need to do a Christmas version as well =)

PS - does anyone know what these plastic things are called?  I'd like to get more, but I don't know how to search for them.

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this blessed nest said...

this are darling! SO VERY CREATIVE. i have no idea what those containers are called. sorry.

you make some of the cutest bundles or packages of stuff. so festive.

thanks for all your sweet comments. you are so nice. i love everyday candids. they really are my favortie.

have a great week.

C.R.A.F.T. said...

great idea! come on over and link up to MMM :)

AZPartyMamma said...

these are adorable!!

Mediocre Mom said...

The containers are called "zig-zag pots" and are available at The Container Store in small and large sizes:
here's the link

this blessed nest said...

thanks for linking up these too!

Sandra said...

Those little "cupcakes" are so cute. What a great idea. It's not like they don't get enough candy around that time so I love the idea of making a gift that is not actually edible look like a treat. Thanks for linking up.

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