Friday, July 23, 2010

The gift of an ordinary day

My brother Brice is amazingly creative.  He is a graphic designer, an incredible artist, a wonderful photographer, and lately he has been doing some unbelievable videography for weddings.  You always see him videoing (is that a word?) things, but he always does it so inobtrusively that you hardly notice he's around when he's doing it.  I knew he was taking some video a few weeks ago when my family went to my parents' lake house to celebrate the 4th of July.  It was just an ordinary day - fun, but filled with the usual busy-ness of life.  Refilling sippy cups, breaking up fights, changing diapers, putting band-aids on scrapes and soothing feelings hurt by siblings.  The day was fun for me, but nothing extraordinary.


Tonight, I saw this video that my brother created, and within minutes I felt tears stinging my eyes.  He has the gift of observing the little things that so many of us miss - and capturing them in a way that takes your breath away.  Watching my girls' faces, seeing little Carter drink out of his sippy cup and fall down, seeing Emily helping Bapop pick tomatoes and blackberries - all of these things are so easy to miss as I rush through each day, trying to meet the needs of all of our kids.  This three minute video is a gift that makes time stand still for just a moment for me - and it's something that I can't find words to thank Brice for.  If you watch it, I hope you will get a little glimpse of what it's like to be at my parents' lake house.  Turn up your volume, because the music is absolutely beautiful, and adds such depth to the video.  We have so many wonderful memories at my parents' lake house, and now they have been captured by the amazing eye of my sweet brother.  Thank you Brice - I am amazed by your talent and creativity.  I love you.  And thank you God for the gift of an ordinary day. from Brice Beasley on Vimeo.

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lovingmomma said...

This video is amazing! I got teary eyed watching it. The purity and sweetness is so beautiful. What a wonderful gift!!

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