Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Big Boy Haircut for Carter

Recently, Carter's hair had gotten really long.  He had the CUTEST curls!  They were so silky and sweet and I loved them.  However, his hair was starting to look a little "shaggy" and I couldn't decide whether to get his hair cut or not.  This is my FAVORITE shot of him with his curls!


After one too many well-meaning people at the grocery store complimented me on my "beautiful little girl," I decided something must be done about the long hair.  {Side note rant:  if my baby is wearing a BLUE shirt with a robot or a car on it, he is NOT a girl!!!}

Here is the before:


Side note - how cute is his face???

And after!

Afterwards, Carter got a special treat - a visit to the bookstore!  He loves books.

As much as I hated cutting his hair, I have to admit that I LOVE it now.  He does look much more grown up, but he looks so handsome.  We ended up going back and getting cut a little bit shorter a few days later, as it looked sort of "puffy" once it dried.  Here he is after the second cut - so handsome!!!

I have one of his sweet curls saved (after giving one to each grandma!) and I will always remember how silky and soft his hair was as a baby.  Even though he looks more like a big boy every day, he will always, always be my baby boy.

PS - In the background of these pictures is a preview of a big project we've been working on around here!  The big reveal coming soon!


Jessica said...

Be still my heart is right! I can't believe how grown up he looks! *sniff* Love that picture of him in the green checkered shirt. He really is one HANDSOME boy! Love all the pics!

Shannon said...

What a total cutie pie!!!

I think Westin has other ideas too about taking a bottle! Haha I'm sure he will win. :)

Shaunna said...

What a cutie you've got!! How sweet are these moments? Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my daughter's birthday party! Hope yours is a ton of fun!!

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