Friday, March 19, 2010

Sick =(

We can't seem to get rid of the sickies around here. Well, at least poor Emily can't. Two weeks ago, she got a really bad virus where she had a fever above 102-103 for five LONG days. Today, she got off the bus with yet another fever - this time 102.6 - and she has STREP! My poor sweet girl =(

In between taking care of Emily and playing with a fussy baby boy who would rather pull outlet covers out of plugs than play with his toys (!), I also pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder this afternoon. The fun never ends! ARGH!!!

On a more fun note, the weather is AWESOME here - total springtime weather going on! I need to make something "springish," so I'm making some of these from Shelley's blog - they are fun but I have about a million more to make to cover the wreath I have! Look how pretty Shelley's wreath turned out:

Also, I'm very excited about this giveaway I ran across on Make It and Love It - I've been wanting one of these camera straps for, well, forever! And now I can win one - I figure I am due for SOME luck after today, right????

We have a big dance competition this weekend (on Sunday) so I'm looking forward to that - just praying Lindsey doesn't get strep between now and then!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


The Smith Family said...

Ooo! I'm so excited to see how yours turns out!!!
You'll have to post it, when your done!
And girl, I TOTALLY know how you feel with the sick kids thing. My three girls have been sick the WHOLE week!
I just got done cleaning all the sheets and bathrooms. NOT FUN.
I'm hoping that this too will pass... quickly!
Good luck on the sick kids and the wreath. lol.
Shelley Smith

Jessica said...

Poor thing! I'm so sorry Emily is under the weather :( Hope she gets better really, really, really soon! And good luck to Lindsey on the dance competition! I was on dance line in high school - some of my best h.s. memories!! :)

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